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Best Way To Track Employees of a Business*


This tutorial explains the various methods in which employees of businesses can be tracked.

How to Track Employees

  • How to Track the Name of the Business
    • Enter the name of the business in the client business field when creating a new client. Add the employee name and other details to the client as well.
  • How to Track the Employee that is the Business Main Contact
    • In the client business field add the following text after the business name " - Main Contact"
    • If you would prefer to not have the "- Main Contact" be part of the business name you can use a custom field called "Main Contact" and type in the words "Main Contact" there
  • Group Employees from the same Business
  • Communicate or Market to Employees using the company tag
    • To market to employees of a business use the tag that has the business name
  • Communicate or Market to Just the Main Contact for a business
    • To market to just the main contact you will need to create a new tag called "Main Contact"
    • Add that tag to each business contact
    • When marketing to multiple businesses use the business tag "Main Contact"

How to Track Employees using Organizations

StudioCloud offers a "organization" option to track employees of a business. Please note that this option does not let you run any reports on that organization and, as such, StudioCloud does not recommend using this. However, if you would prefer to view a list of employees under the organization tab when editing the client you can use this option.

Click here for a tutorial on how to use organizations