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How to Import Invoices From QuickBooks Desktop


This tutorial explains how to export invoices from QuickBooks Desktop and import them into StudioCloud


Option 1: How to Export Invoices From QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Go to Customers Menu
  2. Select Customer Center
  3. Click Run Reports at the bottom of the list of invoices
  4. Run the Transaction List By Customer Report

Option 2: How to Export Invoices From QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Go to the Reports tab & choose Sales, & Sales by Customer Detail.
  2. That opens a report. From there you can filter the specific customer/s that you need along with specific dates. You will want to choose date ranges such as a specific week, quarter, or year.
  3. For the date range: directly above the report is a row with date options. Choose what is appropriate for your needs.
  4. You can customize the report by selecting various filters.
  5. Click on Customize Report & a screen will pop-up to Modify the Report.
  6. On that screen choose the Filters tab.
  7. For a specific customer/s: Choose Name in the left column, & then choose either one customer name in the next column or select the Multiple Names option.
  8. That will modify the Sales by Customer Detail report for the specified customer/s.
  9. Click the Excel button to export it into an Excel spreadsheet. You will have the option to export the information into a new worksheet or update an existing one.

How to Import Invoices From a CSV Into StudioCloud

Note: You will need to customize the excel file to import it correctly into StudioCloud

Click here for a tutorial on how to import invoices from a csv file into StudioCloud