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Common Issues When Creating An Account


This tutorial answers common issues when creating a StudioCloud Account

It says my email address has already been registered. What do I do? 

You may have signed up for a StudioCloud account in the past using that email address. We recommend that you check your email messages for the StudioCloud Verification Email. If you cannot find it, simply email and we can help you determine what your account information is.

The registration form is too large and I can't see the "Submit" button. How can I fix this? 

You may need to simply zoom out using your Internet browser.  On most Microsoft Windows computers you can push the CTRL and + to zoom in or the CTRL and - to zoom out. On most Mac computers you can push the Command key and + to zoom in or the Command key and - to zoom out.

I can select the registration form, but I can't type anything into it. Help!

This is most likely caused by having an out-of-date Adobe Flash player. Click here to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash.