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Accessing and Sending a Crash Log File


This tutorial provides instructions on how to send a crash report on a Macintosh computer

How to send a crash report

The following instructions will help you access and send a Crash Log File on your Macintosh computer, which will help StudioCloud technicians troubleshoot and define the reason your StudioCloud program is crashing unexpectedly.   

  1. Click on your Macintosh HD
  2. Click Users
  3. Select the user(s) from the computer that is unexpectedly shutting down
  4. Click Library
  5. Click Logs
  6. Click CrashReporter
  7. Now select the files titled StudioCloud Desktop.crash.log, if there are multiple files please send them all to

Once you have sent these files, StudioCloud will be contacting you when the technicians have a better idea of what is happening to your computer to cause the crash. 

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