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Mac Adobe Air Installation/Update Issue


This tutorial will help you resolve the issue when you receive the following error when trying to install or update Adobe Air on your Mac computer. "An error occurred when trying to install Adobe AIR. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator."


  1. Open your Mac Terminal
  2. Enter in the following path (after failed installation) 
    1. cat /private/var/log/system.log 
      1. *Pay careful attention to the space between cat and /
  3. You should see the following error: (or an error similar to it) 
    1.  /Volumes/Adobe AIR 1/Adobe AIR AIR Installer[1088]: error during  install: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false  eventPhase=2 text="Unhandled exception Error: Could not create  directory /Applications/Adobe/Flash Player/AddIns/airappinstaller" errorID=3010]
  4. Go to Applications Folder.
  5. Find a text file named, "Adobe".
  6. Rename that "Adobe" file.
  7. Run the Adobe Air Installer file.