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Problems Opening PDF Files


This tutorial addresses issues opening PDF Invoices on a Mac or Windows Computer.

Step 1: Upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader

Most issues can be resolved by installing the latest Adobe Reader. To get the latest Adobe Reader click on the link below:

Step 2: If Step 1 doesn't Solve the Problem Verify that Adobe Reader Is The Default PDF Reader

StudioCloud Is Not Opening The Adobe Reader On Mac

You can choose Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat as the default viewer for PDF files by changing the file association in your operating system.

To change the file association for PDF files on Mac OS please use the following steps:

Note: The default viewer for PDF documents in Mac OS is Preview.

  1. Select any PDF file and choose File > Get Info.
  2. Choose the application that you want to open PDF files from the Open With menu.
  3. Click Change All, and then click Continue.

StudioCloud Is Not Opening The Adobe Reader On Windows

To change the file association for PDF files on Windows please use the following steps:

  1. Right click any PDF file
  2. Click the Open with
  3. Choose Adobe Acrobat 9
  4. Click the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file check box
  5. Click OK

Step 3: If Step 2 doesn't Solve the Problem Manually Open Adobe Reader and Make Sure the Terms of Agreement has been approved

Some versions of Adobe Reader will not work until the terms of agreement have been agreed to in the program.

  1. Close StudioCloud
  2. Open Adobe Reader
  3. Agree to the terms of agreement
  4. Close Adobe Reader
  5. Open StudioCloud and try and print an invoice

Step 4: If Step 3 doesn't Solve the Problem Switch To Using The Default PDF Reader

If problems with opening PDF files in StudioCloud persists then you can try adjust your StudioCloud settings to open the files using the default PDF reader.  Instructions on how to do that are available here: How to Open the PDF File in the Computer's Default Reader Program