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How to Send CloudAlert Emails


CloudAlert allows you to create an email message and have StudioCloud automatically send that email with custom information based on the type of email. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up a CloudAlert email message using a birthday reminder as the example.

How to Setup an Automated CloudAlert Email

  1. Click on CloudServices component
  2. Click on the CloudAlerts tab
  3. Click the Manage CloudAlert Emails button
  4. In the Manage Emails window either find an existing CloudAlert to edit or click the New CloudAlert Email button
  5. Add a name for your CloudAlert email reminder
  6. Select a trigger type which can be any of the following:
    1. Session/Appointment/Event
    2. Payment Due
    3. Birthday
    4. Anniversary
    5. Project Deadline
    6. Task Deadline
    7. Date Type
    8. Lead Creation
  7. For this example choose Date Type
  8. Select a trigger and for this example select Birthday
  9. Choose when you would like the email reminder to be sent out
    1. Please note, the Session/Appointment/Event CloudAlert has a variety of options including Before Start Time, After Start Time, After Created, After Confirmed, and After Cancelled
  10. Edit the email message that you want to be sent by clicking the Edit Email Message button
  11. With the email message editor you can include images, links, and even placeholder information that will be automatically populated when the email is sent.  For example, you can include the clients name and your business contact information.
  12. Click the Save button to save your email message
  13. Click the Email Recipients and select who will receive the email reminder.  You can select either Multiple Recipients or Specific Client
    1. If you select Multiple Recipients then you can select Customer(s), Employee(s), or Custom
      1. If you select Customer(s) then an email will be sent to any customer that matches the trigger information (i.e., has a birthday)
      2. If you select Employee(s) then an email will be sent to any employee that matches the trigger information (i.e., is assigned a project or task)
      3. If you select Custom then you can enter a comma separated list of email addresses that you want the email to be sent to
    2. Specific Client
      1.  Using this option will only send the email to the client that you select
  14. Click the Save button to save your new email message alert
  15. Now that you have successfully created an email for CloudAlert you will need to activate it using these instructions How to Activate CloudAlert Emails, SMS Messages, or Postcards