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View Your StudioCloud Calendar in Google Calendar


This tutorial explains how to your StudioCloud calendar so that you can view it, but not edit it, in google calendars. You need a StudioCloud paid subscription for this feature.

How to Subscribe to Your Calendar in Google Calendar

To view your StudioCloud calendar in Google Calendar do the following.

When Does Google Calendar Update?

StudioCloud updates the internet calendar feed (ICS) immediately when any calendar change is made. Google updates calendar feeds every few hours, this generally occurs every 4 hours. To learn more about syncing to Google calendar, please click here.

How to Import your Google Calendar into StudioCloud

Click here for a tutorial on how to import your google calendar into StudioCloud

How to View Your StudioCloud Calendar In Google Calendar And Edit It From Google Calendar

Click here for a tutorial on how to setup a 2 way sync with google calendars and StudioCloud