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How to Export a Calendar Filter to ICS


StudioCloud allows you to export your calendar to third-party applications.  This support article explains how to export specific calendar filters to third-party applications using ICS (Internet Calendar Subscription). 

Why Export a Calendar Filter to ICS

This is ideal if you want to give employees access to just part of the calendar in a non-editable way. Using this option you can give an employee access to just their calendar or access to specific calendar types, employees, equipment or locations.

How to Create or Edit a Calendar Filter

Click here for a tutorial on how to create or edit a calendar filter

How to Give Access To The Entire Calendar

Click here for a tutorial on how to export the entire calendar

How to Export out a subset of the Calendar Filter to ICS

  1. Go to the Calendar component
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Calendar Filters button
  4. Find the calendar filter you want to export and click the Export to ICS button
  5. Copy and paste the URL into your third-party application.