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CloudForms Overview


CloudForms is a powerful add-on to the StudioCloud business management suite.  One of the features of CloudForms is that it allows you to create and embed forms on your website to help you gather customer information.  This tutorial explains how to create a CloudForm.

CloudForm Terminology

  • CloudForm
    • CloudForm is an online form that can be sent to a customer over email, sms text message, accessed from a website, or given to a client on a iPad/tablet/smart phone.
  • CloudForm with Integrated CloudBooking
    • CloudForms support having a customer book a session directly from the form.
  • Personalized CloudForm For A Client
    • A personalized client CloudForm is an online form that is sent from a client window and is locked into that client. It can be used to have a client update their contact info, schedule a session/event/appointment, make a payment, pay a deposit, and/or esign a contract.
  • Personalized CloudForm For A Session/Appointment/Event
    • A personalized Session/Appointment/Event CloudForm is an online form that is sent from an event window and is locked into that session/appointment/event. It can be used to have a client confirm their scheduled session/event/appointment date, pay a deposit, make a payment, and/or esign a contract.

CloudForm Core Features

CloudForms support the following features. Each feature can be turned on or off on an individual form basis.

  • Automatically have the client details added to StudioCloud as a new client, prospective client, or lead or, if the client already exists, have the details automatically updated.
  • Require that a client books a session/appointment/event from the form using one of the many booking options available.
  • Require that a client select a package and have StudioCloud automatically create an invoice for that client with the item they ordered already in that invoice.
  • Require that a client pay either a deposit or a payment on the package that a client selected. The credit card is automatically saved so that you can process later transactions if so desired.
  • Require that a client esigns a contract before the session/event/appointment is scheduled

How to Create and Edit a CloudForm

How to Add Online Booking to a CloudForm

How to Require a Payment or Deposit from a CloudForm

How to Have An Invoice Automatically Created For A Client from a CloudForm

How to Require a Contract be eSigned from a CloudForm

To require a contact be esigned from a CloudForm select the desired contract template under the 'Action's tab when creating or editing the CloudForm.

How to Send a CloudForm or a Personalized CloudForm to a Client

How to Embed The CloudForm Into A Website

How to Save a CloudForm To Your iPhone or iPad Homepage

Example CloudForms

How a CloudForm Checks to See if the Client Already Exists in StudioCloud

When a client fills out a form StudioCloud will automatically attempt to match the client with a client in StudioCloud. StudioCloud matches clients in the following manner.

  1. StudioCloud tries to match up the client by the email address entered into the form.
  2. If a client is not found with a matching email address or there is more than one client with that email address StudioCloud then tries to match up the client by the first and last name entered in the form.
  3. If a client is not found or more than one client is found by email address or by name then StudioCloud will create a new client, prospective client, or lead depending on the form settings