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StudioCloud Data Import Assistance*


StudioCloud technicians will import your data into StudioCloud from other programs for a fee of $99 per hour. StudioCloud bills in 15 minute increments.

This is not a service to help you setup your StudioCloud program.

Typical Cost to Import Data

The typical cost to import data is $99. We will tell you if it will cost more before we start importing the data.

While importing data from third party programs is different for each client the total billable time is typically 1 billable hour. While it does take longer then 1 hour for the StudioCloud team to import the data a lot of the import process is automated and, as such, you are only billed for the time that the technicians are actually working on importing the file rather then the time that StudioCloud is processing the imported data.

Required Minimal Cost of $99

There is a minimal fee of $99 to import data. If the team is able to import your data in less the 1 billable hour you will still be charged $99. 

If the data that needs to be imported will take longer than 1 billable hour the team will notify you for your approval before importing the data. If the team takes longer then 1 billable hour you will be billed in 15 minute increments.

Get An Estimate

If you would like an estimate on how long it would take to import the data then please email with the following information:

Time To Import Data

StudioCloud will create a backup of your data in the cloud for you so that you can get up and going as soon as the data is imported.


  • This service requires that you email the files, in the appropriate format, that need to be imported into StudioCloud. 
    • If StudioCloud has a tutorial for importing the files from your current software then StudioCloud will import those files for you.
  • This service requires that you have a paid for subscription with StudioCloud.
    • The credit card associated with your paid subscription will be charged before any of your data is imported

Limitations and Restrictions

  • If the version of the third party program that you are using has radical changes between versions of the program regarding the data that it exports StudioCloud may not be able to import your data. For example, different versions of PhotoOne export the data differently from their program. As such, StudioCloud may, or may not, be able to import your data for you.
  • In addition, if the third party program does not export the data correctly from it then the StudioCloud technicians may not be able to import it into StudioCloud. For example, the latest version of PhotoOne no longer supports exporting out payments correctly. As such StudioCloud is not able to import the payments from PhotoOne for the latest version.

What if we can't import your data?

  • If StudioCloud is unable to import your data we will refund the service fee.

How to get started

  • Email with the appropriate files that you need imported. 
    • If you do not know which files you need to provide StudioCloud email with a list of programs you use and the StudioCloud team will tell you what they can import into StudioCloud.