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Can I use my own Merchant Account


This tutorial explains what the advantages are to using a merchant account that is integrated with StudioCloud as well as how you can use a merchant account that isn't integrated.

Advantages To Using Integrated Merchant Accounts

StudioCloud has developed a tight integration with our partner merchant accounts which provides the following features:

  • ePayments
    • Manually sending ePayments to clients by email or text message would not be available
  • Client Portal Payments
    • Having a client pay payment plays or outstanding invoice balances from the client portal would not be available
  • CloudForm Payments
    • Having clients select items from a cloudform and pay for them in the cloudform would not be available
  • CloudBooking Payments
    • Having clients book a session and pay either the session fee or the entire session would not be available.
  • Payment Plan's Payments
    • Automatically charging a clients saved credit card based on the payment due dates would not be available
  • Saving Credit Cards
    • Manually saving a client's credit card for later processing would not be available
    • Automatically saving a client's credit card for later processing when they pay a session fee would not be available
  • Gift Cards
    • Create gift cards for clients with physical gift cards would not be available
  • Mobile App Payments
    • Processing credit cards using StudioCloud's mobile app
  • Refund Payments
    • Refunding credit card payments would not be available

How to Use a Credit Card Partner Not Integrated with StudioCloud

If you choose to use a credit card processor not associated with StudioCloud you would not get any of the features listed above and you would need to manually enter each payment and mark it has having been processed outside of StudioCloud

Click here for the instructions on how to mark a payment as having been processed outside of StudioCloud. Refer to the section called "How to add a payment for a credit card processed outside of StudioCloud"