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Processing Credit Cards In StudioCloud

1 Recommended Merchant Account For Credit Card Processing Featured

At StudioCloud we understand how important credit card processing is for your business. That is why we have partnered with Cayan software. Through this partnership, we are able to offer our customers one of the simplest and most secure credit card processing…

2 Cayan Credit Card Downgrades

Overview When processing using credit cards some of your transactions could be downgraded. This article explains why those downgrades occur. Why So Complicated? Merchant account providers, such as Cayan, previously known as Merchant Warehouse, are charged…

3 How to Setup your Cayan Account

Overview Cayan, previously Merchant Warehouse, is a credit card processing company that integrates with StudioCloud. StudioCloud's integration with Cayan allows you to process a credit card and save it for a future transaction. In addition, you can send a…