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How to setup an Open Edge Account


OpenEdge is a credit card processing company that integrates with StudioCloud. StudioCloud's integration with OpenEdge allows you to process a credit card and save it for a future transaction.  In addition, you can send a request by email to your clients for an ePayment as well as many other features.

How to Get An OpenEdge Account

Click here for information on how to get an OpenEdge account

Invoice/Order Number Limitation

Please note, there is a restriction on the length of the invoice/order number when processing transactions with OpenEdge.  The invoice/order number must be 1-8 characters long.

How to Setup Your StudioCloud Account with your OpenEdge Credentials

  1. Go to the Settings component
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Credit Card Settings button
  4. Find and edit the credentials you have setup previously or click the New button
  5. Select the option OpenEdge from the drop down box
  6. Enter your OpenEdge Account Token exactly as they were sent to you including spaces and dashes
    1. If you will be doing Mobile Processing enter the XWeb ID, Terminal ID, and AuthKey
  7. Click the Save button
  8. After you go through a successful sync cycle, you may begin processing credit cards

Where do I find my OpenEdge Credentials?

When you signed up with OpenEdge you should have received an email that included your Account Token.  If you did not receive that email then please contact OpenEdge and inform them that you need your ID, Name and Key for use within StudioCloud.