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Set Text Scaling To Be Default


This tutorial explains how to adjust the text scaling on a Mac

Adjust Text Scale To Be The Default

For Apple computers with Retina displays:

  1. Open the ‘Apple Menu’ by clicking on the Apple icon (Apple logo icon) in the Menu Bar, or by pressing ‘Fn’ + ‘Ctrl’ ‘F2’.
  2. Click to select ‘System Preferences…’ or press the down arrow key to highlight it and then press ‘Enter’.
    The Apple menu with System Preferences highlighted
  3. Click on the ‘Displays’ icon or press ‘Tab’ repeatedly (you might need to press ‘Fn’ + ‘Ctrl’ ‘F7’ first) to cycle through the icons until the ‘Displays’ icon is highlighted and then press the ‘Spacebar’.
    The System Preferences Window, select Displays
  4. Click on the "Default for display" radio button.