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How to Resolve StudioCloud ICS Feed Issues*


This tutorial shows you how to resolve StudioCloud ics feed issues. ICS feeds are only available for StudioCloud users with a paid subscription.

The Most Common Solution

This most common problem that occurs with third party programs not loading or updating the ICS link is because the third party program doesn't wait long enough to download the ICS file from StudioCloud. Many studioCloud users have hundreds of sessions, events and appointments. Third party calendars often don't expect that many and they don't download the entire file before they give up. The fastest solution is to reduce the number of sessions, events and appointments shared in the ICS file.

Click here for a tutorial on how to increase or decrease the number of events, sessions, or appointments in the ICS file.

Instructions for when the ICS feed is not loading in a third party program

  1. Copy the ICS link from StudioCloud
    1. Click here for a tutorial on how to get the ICS link
  2. Open an internet browser and paste the ICS feed link into the browser. 
    1. If it asks you to save a file then it successfully downloaded the ics file. The StudioCloud ICS feed is working properly. The problem is in the third party program.
      1. If the browser displays an error message please email for assistance.
    1. The Most likely the problem is caused by the third party program not waiting long enough to download the entire StudioCloud ICS feed.
      1. Click here for a tutorial on how to decrease or increase the number of events in the ICS file

Instructions for when the ICS feed is not updating in a third party program

When you create an appointment StudioCloud automatically updates the ICS feed to have the latest appointments. However, almost all third party programs have a default refresh time before they update. There are two possible problems that could be occuring: