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How to Send a Test Email and Verify Your Email Account


StudioCloud allows you to setup your own email address to use to send emails to your clients.  One important step when setting this up or when an email has stopped working is to make sure that you can successfully send a test email.  This tutorial will take you through the steps of sending a test email and marking an email account as verified.

How to Send a Test Email

  1. Go to the Settings component
  2. Click on the Manage Email Accounts button
  3. Find and edit the email account that you want to test
  4. Click the Outgoing Mail tab
  5. Click the Send Test Email button
  6. Enter a To address to send the test email to
  7. Click the Send button
  8. Verify that you have received the email that you sent.

How to Verify An Email Account

Once you have received the test email in your account click the Email Account Verified checkbox in the edit email account window

  1. Go to the Settings component
  2. Click on the Manage Email Accounts button
  3. Find and edit the email account that you want to test
  4. Click the Email Account Verified checkbox
  5. Click the Save button

Tips on How to Avoid Spam Issues

Having your emails marked as spam can be a very frustrating experience. Below are some tips that you can do to avoid this issue.

  • Avoid using SPAM words in your email. Most email providers will automatically flag your email as spam if they detect it.
  • Send an email to a free email spam checking service to see if it has issues. One of those services is listed below.
  • Check to see if your email address or domain name has been blacklisted by using one of the free services below
  • If you think this is a StudioCloud issue please do the following test after doing the steps above:
    • Send the EXACT same email in StudioCloud and in another email client program to see if they both are marked as SPAM. If they are both marked as SPAM then the issue is one of the items listed above.