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How to Change the Font Size of StudioCloud


Some customers prefer a larger font size and, as such, StudioCloud provides the following instructions on how to change the font size in StudioCloud.

Support Disclaimer

StudioCloud does not support font sizes greater then 10. There is a strong likelihood that by increasing the size of the font buttons can get pushed off of the screen. If you can not find a button please change your font size to be size 10. Please do not contact support for this issue as our recommendation will be to set your font size to 10.

How to Change the Font Size of StudioCloud

Please note, this will only affect the font size on the computer that you are doing these steps on.  

  1. Go to the Settings component
  2. Select the General Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage StudioCloud Settings button
  4. Change the Font Size number
  5. Click the Save button