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How To Enable Inventory Tracking for Products and Services


This tutorial explains how to enable inventory tracking for a product or service. When a product or service that has inventory tracking enabled is added to an invoice the inventory will automatically be reduced.

How to Use Inventory Tracking

Click here for a tutorial on how to track inventory tracking

How to Enable Inventory Tracking for a Product or Service

  1. Click on the Point of Sale component
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click on the Manage Price Lists button
  4. Click the New Product/Service button or find and edit an existing product or service
    1. More details on managing products is available in the article How To Create A Product For Invoices & Estimates
    2. More details on managing services is available in the article How to Create a Service for Invoices and Estimates
  5. Find the Inventory heading and click the checkbox next to Enable Inventory Tracking.
  6. Click the Save button