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How to Create or Edit Login Users for PartnerBoost Accounts


The PartnerBoost subscription gives a business access to two usernames instead of just one.  This means that two users can be logged into to StudioCloud at the same time.  The instructions below help you add the second user.

How to Create or Edit a PartnerBoost User

  1. Go to the Cloud Services component
  2. Select the PartnerBoost tab
  3. Click the Manage PartnerBoost User Accounts button
  4. Click the New User button or edit an existing PartnerBoost User

How to Get a Calendar Link for a PartnerBoost User

This option provides a link to the entire StudioCloud calendar that can be enabled or disabled for a specific employee or partner

  • Edit an Existing PartnerBoost User
  • Click the "Enable ICS Feed" checkbox
  • Click the "Get ICS URL" button

How to Set an StudioCloud Users Schedule For CloudBooking

  • Click on Cloud Services
  • Click on the PartnerBoost tab
  • Click on the Manage PartnerBoost User Accounts button
  • Click on the Setup Availability button for the desired StudioCloud user