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Calendar Overview


StudioCloud's calendar is a very powerful calendar system that offers multiple ways to schedule and organize your business. This overview provides a list of tutorials to setup and customize the calendar to meet your needs.

Calendaring Terminology

  • Event, Session, and Appointment
    • Events, sessions, and appointments are scheduled on the calendar the exact same way with the only difference being the type of calendar type that is used for the event, session, or appointment.
  • Calendar Types
    • Calendar types are used to identify the type of event/session/appointment that is being scheduled. They support multiple other options such as session duration, color, automatic emails, etc.
  • Calendar Sub-Types
    • Calendar sub-types are the same as calendar types but allow you to organize your calendar in a efficient manner. 
      • For example, if you were a portrait photographer you could have a calendar type of "Session" with a calendar sub-type linked to the "Session" calender type of "Family Sesssion", "New Born Session", etc.
  • Calendar Filters
    • StudioCloud supports setting different calendar filters to view your calendar based on different resources
  • Calendar Resources
    • StudioCloud supports scheduling based on employees, equipment, and locations

How to Create/Edit Calendar Types

How to Create/Edit a Events/Sessions/Appointments

How to Export StudioCloud's Calendar To Third Party Calendars

How to Import A Calendar From A Third Party's Calendar Into StudioCloud

How to Setup Calendar Filters (Multiple Calendar Books)

This option also lets you export out an uneditable calendar for employees so that they can only see the sessions or events where they are scheduled.