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How to Setup your TSYS Account


TSYS, previously Cayan, is a credit card processing company that integrates with StudioCloud. StudioCloud's integration with TSYS allows you to process a credit card and save it for a future transaction.  In addition, you can send a request by email to your clients for an ePayment.

How to Get A TSYS Account

Click here for information on how to get a TSYS account

Invoice/Order Number Limitation

Please note, there is a restriction on the length of the invoice/order number when processing transactions with TSYS.  The invoice/order number must be 1-8 characters long.

How to Setup Your StudioCloud Account with your TSYS Credentials

  1. Go to the Settings component
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click the Manage Credit Card Settings button
  4. Find and edit the credentials you have setup previously or click the New button
  5. Select the option TSYS from the drop down box
  6. Enter your TSYS credentials (Name, Site ID, and Key) exactly as they were sent to you including spaces and dashes
    1. If you have a TSYS Genius Device please see the instructions below under the heading "How to Setup Your Genius Device"
  7. Click the Save button
  8. After you go through a successful sync cycle, you may begin processing credit cards

Where do I find my TSYS Credentials?

When you signed up with TSYS you should have received an email that included your Site ID, Key, and Name.  If you did not receive that email then please contact TSYSat 1.800.498.0823 and inform them that you need your Site ID, Name and Key for use within StudioCloud.

How to Setup A USB Credit Card Swiper

Simply plugin the USB credit card swiper to set it up. There are no additional required steps.

How to Setup Your Genius Device

  1. Plug in the Genius device and connect the Ethernet cable as described in the TSYS documentation
  2. Once the Genius device has started press the 0 key three times and enter the password in your Genius documentation
  3. In the administration screen you should see the serial number and the IP Address.  Write down both of these pieces of information
  4. Press the X button on the Genius device to exit the Administration window
  5. Use the instructions above ( How to Setup Your StudioCloud Account with your TSYS Credentials )to setup your account in StudioCloud
  6. When setting up your TSYS credentials you can enter either the Genius device IP Address or Serial Number that you wrote down in step 3 above
    1. If you enter the IP Address then you will want to make sure that your network is setup so that the Genius Device has a static IP Address so it doesn't change
    2. If you enter the Serial number then you will need to follow the instructions below to finish the setup of your device
  7. Click the Save button

Additional Setup Instructions for Using the Serial Number (Genius Device Only)

  • To use the serial number to connect to the Genius device your computer needs to be able to use mDNS.  If you are on a Windows machine you must install Apple's Bonjour product which can be downloaded from  If you already have Apple iTunes installed then you likely already have the Bonjour software.
  • When connecting to the Genius device using the serial number the connection is made using SSL.  However, to make this connection you will need to make sure you install the Cayan security certificate.  Please download the certificate from Once you have downloaded the certificate double-click the certificate file.  On a Mac computer the certificate file should be placed automatically in your keychain.  On Windows computers go through the steps and make sure you select the Trusted Root Certificate store.