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How to Enable TLS for Internet Explorer


There are some cases when your computer may not have the TLS security protocol enabled.  The instructions below will help you enable those to resolve connection issues in the StudioCloud program.  These instructions only apply to Windows computers.

Please note, even if you use a different browser by default on your computer you will still need to go through these same steps to enable TLS communications.

How to Enable TLS for Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Open the Internet Options window
    1. In the most recent versions of Internet Explorer you do this by clicking the gear icon in the top left corner and then clicking the Internet Options label

    2. In older versions you can click the Tools file menu button and then click the Internet Options label

  3. Click on the Advanced tab

  4. In the Settings list scroll until you see checkboxes labeled Use TLS
  5. Check any boxes that are unchecked that say Use TLS
    1. In some versions of Internet Explorer there is only one  checkbox while in other versions there are three

  6. Click the OK button
  7. Close the StudioCloud program
  8. Reopen the StudioCloud program