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Clients Overview*


StudioCloud's client tracking is a powerful customer relationship management system which includes numerous options. This overview provides a breakdown of some of the client setup tutorials and customization options.

Types of Clients

  • Client
    • A client is considered a paying customer, a customer that is scheduled to be a paying customer, or any other contact such as business contact, vendor, etc.
  • Prospective Client, Prospective Lead, or Prospect
    • A prospective client is a contact who has either not been contacted or who has been contacted but did not become a paying client at that time.
      • Pro-tip: StudioCloud recommends using prospective clients for clients that will be marketed to as a group through mailers, email blasts, or other marketing resources.
      • Pro-tip: StudioCloud recommends tagging prospective clients so that they can be quickly added to a marketing campaign or exported from StudioCloud to market to them as a group
      • Pro-tip: If a prospective client requires additional individual follow up actions StudioCloud recommends converting them to a lead.
  • Lead or Inquiry
    • A lead or inquiry is either an inquiry being made from a potential client or actions being taken towards a potential client to convert them to a paying client.
      • Pro-tip: StudioCloud recommends using the leads only for potential contacts that require a follow up action.
      • Pro-tip: If a lead is not currently interested in becoming a paying client but may be interested in the future StudioCloud recommends converting them to a prospective client.
      • Pro-tip: StudioCloud recommends using lead pipelines to track the individual follow up actions that need to occur for a lead.

Client Status

A client, prospective client, and lead can be in one of the following 3 stages.

  • Active Client or Visible Client
    • This is a client, prospective client or lead that is visible in the client tables.
  • Hidden Client
    • This is a client, prospective client, or lead that is hidden. Typically a hidden client was created from a relationship and is a spouse or child that will not be a paying customer.
  • Archived Client
    • This is a client, prospective client, or lead that is no longer being worked with but should not be deleted. Examples of an archived client could be a client that moved, passed away, or is no longer interested but is associated with a session/event/appointment or invoice and to maintain data integrity should not be deleted.
    • Please note that StudioCloud will automatically archive any clients that are associated with a session or invoice if you try and delete them to maintain data integrity.

How to Create or Edit a Client, Prospective Client or Lead

How to Convert A Lead To A Client or Prospective Client

How to Add Tags to Clients