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Importing Invoices Into StudioCloud

1 Import Invoices and Payments from ShootQ*

Overview This tutorial will show you how to export your ShootQ invoices and payments and to import them into StudioCloud. Please be sure to import your clients first using the tutorial Import Client Information From ShootQ so that your clients can be matched…

2 Import Invoices from a CSV File*

Overview This tutorial will show you the step s to import orders or invoices from a CSV file. I f an invoice is being imported that has a client attached to it that already exists in StudioCloud then StudioCloud will automatically attach the invoice to that…

3 Import Orders/Invoices From ProSelect/XML*

Overview This tutorial will show you the steps to import an order or invoice from ProSelect. For more information regarding proselect click here. Note: This is the old way of importing orders from ProSelect. StudioCloud has a new seemless integration. More…