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iOS [iPhone/iPad/iPod] & Android Issues

1 How to View CloudForms Contracts on iOS Devices

Overview Currently iOS devices are unable to view the PDF contracts signed in CloudForms using the default PDF reader. Our team is investigating this issue but at this point what we have come up with is a work around. Please note, we have only reproduced…

2 iPad/iPhone [iOS] Trouble Shooting Tools

Overview This tutorial explains how to do various trouble shooting tasks on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads How to take a screen capture with the iPhone or iPad To save a screenshot image of your mobile screen, press and hold the Home button that is…

3 Why can't I find the StudioCloud app in the Android Marketplace?

Overview This tutorial explains why some android devices might not see the app as available for their device Android App Requirements The Android app for StudioCloud requires use of the Adobe AIR for Android runtime. That runtime has a few requirements including…