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How To Use StudioCloud on Multiple Computers


With StudioCloud can install StudioCloud on as many computers as you need to.  When you login on each computer your data will sync from the StudioCloud server to that computer.  This article explains how to install StudioCloud on additional computers.  This tutorial assumes that you have already created a StudioCloud account.  If you have not done that then please go to and create an account.

How to Install StudioCloud on Additional Computers

  1. Open a browser on the computer that you want to install StudioCloud on
  2. Go to
  3. Because you have already created a StudioCloud account you can skip Step 1 and click the blue Install Now button to install StudioCloud
  4. Once StudioCloud is installed login with the same Business ID, Username, and Password that you already setup
    1. If you do not remember your login information please see Forgot Business ID, Username or Password for help recovering that information