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Jobs, Projects, Tasks, Pipelines, and Saved Tasks Overview


This tutorial explains what Jobs, Projects, Tasks, Pipelines and Saved Tasks are and how to use each one.

What is a Pipeline

A pipeline is used to track the status of a resource such as a client, session/event/appointment, invoice, etc. A pipeline is made up of pipeline stages that occur one after another. A pipeline stage can be either marked completed or skipped. One pipeline stage is always active.

For example, a pipeline for a lead might have the following pipeline stages. "Email Lead", "Call Lead After 2 Days", "Reattempt Call After 4 Days", "Send Final Email". Pipeline stages also support actions when they are marked completed. Actions such as sending out emails or text messages.

Click here for a tutorial on how to use pipelines

What is a Task

A task is a something that needs to be done. StudioCloud recommends using pipelines for workflow that occurs one after another. StudioCloud recommends using tasks for actionable items that do not commonly occur.

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What Are Saved Tasks

Saved tasks are tasks that have been pre-built that are used over and over again to quickly populate a project with pre-built tasks. If you find that you are are marking off the tasks in a specific order then that probably means that your saved tasks would be better as pipelines because pipelines also have actions associated with them.

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What is a Project

A project can be created for a client, session/event/appointment, invoice or by itself. A project is used to group tasks together.

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What is a Job

A job can be thought of as a way to group multiple items together. Using a job you can group clients, events, invoices, projects, and mileage logs in one central location. Jobs are ideal for complicated situations when you need to track multiple items from one central location.

An example of a situation in which jobs might be used would be with a wedding that includes multiple sessions and events, multiple invoices, different clients per invoice, and mileage tracking per event. An example of a situation where a job probably wouldn't be needed is a single wedding with one client and one invoice.

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