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Initial Setup For A Wedding Photography Business


This step by step guide provides instructions on how to step StudioCloud for a wedding photographer.


The instructions work from the top of the StudioCloud program from left to right.

Required Setup

Items that are underlined are recommend steps that all wedding photographers should follow. All other steps are considered optional.

Setup Clients

Setup Calendar

Setup Point of Sale

Setup Bookkeeping

Setup Project/Order Management

Setup General Settings

Setup PartnerBoost (Requires PartnerBoost add-on)

Setup EmployeeBoost (Requires EmployeeBoost add-on)

Setup CloudAlerts (Requires CloudAlerts add-on)

Setup CloudForms (Requires CloudAlerts add-on)

Setup CloudBooking (Requires CloudBooking add-on)

Setup CloudProofing (Requires CloudProofing add-on)